Brothers Botanicals takes pride in bringing quality products to our customers who we consider to be just like family. You will not get anything from us that we would not give to our own family and friends and that is a promise.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to do business with our customers. The problem we and other kratom vendors have faced is that the banking industry considers us to be a "high risk" business. This makes it very expensive and difficult to find processors that will handle credit cards for these types of products. 

That being said, we wish to make it easy for you to purchase from us. That is why we have been creative in finding many other ways for you to pay for your products. 

-The payment gateway that is the easiest to use and is our preferred method is called GREEN MONEY. This is an e-check system that allows you to complete your transaction from start to finish all on your own very safely and securely. Green money is an A+ rated business and handles ACH payments from your bank account to ours. After submitting your order, you will be directed to a secure page to enter in your routing number and checking account number to generate an electronic check to us. 1st time customers orders will get shipped out as soon as we can verify that the e-check was submitted. Regular customer's orders will be shipped immediately. 


APPLE PAY is pretty straight forward. After submitting your order. If you have Apple Pay on an Iphone or Ipad device you make sure to connect a debit card to your "Wallet" app. Then with a text message send an Apple Pay/ Apple Cash link to (559) 905-0790 with ONLY your order number with it. 



-CASH APP  $brothersbotanicals is our account name. simply send the amount fo your order to us after your order. DO NOT PUT CBD OR KRATOM IN THE NOTES



-PERSONAL CHECK or MONEY ORDER should be made payable to "Refer to photo below" and the description should say ONLY your order number. Checks made to brothers botanicals or that have descriptions of your order will be sent back and not cashed. This will delay your order. 


             Make check payable to:  Refer to photo below

             Mail check to:  4133 W. SAGINAW WAY  FRESNO, CA 93722


Please DO NOT state that you purchased CBD oil or Kratom etc. 

***Description should ONLY include your order number.***

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